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Outdoor Decor Ideas that Make a Small Space Look Bigger

Even though we are in the heart of winter, spring is just around the corner. That means there is no better time to find outdoor decor ideas.

You don’t want to wait until it is time to start enjoying your patio before you begin the process of outfitting it. The first day of spring shouldn’t find you running around town searching for outdoor furnishings.

You will also find off-season pricing particularly accommodating for your budget.

The best time to buy Christmas decorations is the day after Christmas. And the best time to shop for outdoor furnishing is the off-season.

The problem is that you don’t exactly have a country estate. You have a relatively small space to work with if you are like most homeowners.

When it comes to entertaining, the challenge is to make the space feel bigger so that you can get the most out of it. These three ideas should help get you started:

Making Light of Your Outdoor Decor Ideas

Sunlight makes everything bigger and more beautiful than ever. Everything is bigger if for no better reason than you can see a lot more of it.

Perceptually, things are only as big as the parts one can see. Everything else is lost on the beholder.

So if your porch does not receive the perfect amount of sunlight in every part of it, then it may appear to be smaller than it is. Use the right lighting to make a porch feel bigger and set the right mood.

The right light is more than torches, sconces, and chandeliers. It is also about the intensity and placement of the light.

It doesn’t have to be super bright. After all, you are outside.

But it should eliminate those long shadows, and illuminate every part of the porch. Get the full benefit of your porch’s actual size by giving it the proper light.

Less is More

Less furniture means more space. And what you want is more space.

Don’t clutter it up with furniture you don’t need. Also, select furniture scaled to the size of your space.

Better Homes and Gardens advises using smaller furniture. Nothing makes a space feel larger than using smaller furniture.

Eliminate unnecessary tables. They tend to be shin busters in a small space.

Never use a table to support a lamp when you can get free-standing lamps. Limiting furniture types and sizes makes a world of difference.

Outside the Box

If you want your porch to look bigger, think outside the box. More to the point, get your guests to look outside the box.

Outside decor ideas start with the outside.

No matter how small your yard is, the outside of your porch is bigger than the inside. So focus the eye on the bigger space.

You can do this by using bright colors near the entry, or placing interesting tchotchkes on the window ledge.

If your porch or outdoor space is underutilized, it could be that people find it cramped and uninspiring.

Fix that by lighting those dark spots, eliminating unnecessary furniture. And focusing the attention on the great, and much bigger outdoors.

Got any other great outdoor decor ideas? We’d love to hear them!