Lighting Ideas for the Patio



It’s difficult to fully enjoy a patio and everything it has to offer without adequate lighting. Sure, the daytime hours will provide enough sunlight to illuminate the area, but when the sun goes down you’ll have to seek a different source of lighting. While you can always opt for traditional overhead lighting – assuming it’s intended for outdoor use – there are other, more innovative ways to brighten your patio.


Tiki Torches


Who doesn’t enjoy the unique ambiance and relaxing mood created by tiki torches? You can create a line of tiki torches surrounding your patio, enhancing the atmosphere while illuminating your patio in the process. Just remember to avoid placing them near flammable objects or materials, and never leave a tiki torch burning unattended.


It’s important to note that there are two primary types of tiki torches: the full-sized torches and half-sized torches. Full-sized tiki torches are great for sticking directly in the ground. Half-sized tiki torches usually come with clips so you can attach them to rails, tables, etc.


String Lights


Another fun and innovative lighting idea for the patio is string lights. Many homeowners decorate their patios with string lights, running them across the ceiling or even into their yard. String lights are an excellent choice for the patio, as they offer both aesthetic and functional benefits. They create a uniquely stylish appearance that’s not found in traditional lighting while still illuminating the surrounding environment.


As a side benefit, string lights are particularly energy-efficient. They will still consume some energy, but it’s significantly less than overhead lights and other traditional lighting fixtures.




Who says chandeliers can only be used indoors? If you’re looking to create an elegant, sophisticated patio décor, you should consider using a chandelier for lighting. There are actually chandeliers designed specifically for use on the patio. Featuring waterproof, durable construction, they offer a sense of elegance that’s truly unique.


Wall Sconce


A third option is a wall sconce. In case this is your first time hearing about this type of lighting fixture, let me give you a quick overview on what they are and how they work. Basically, a wall sconce is a lighting fixture that’s attached to the wall, with the light being projected upwards. Wall sconces do not have a base, but rather they remain fixed to the wall.