How to Protect Outdoor Furniture from Sun Fading

The sun’s powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays can wreck havoc on outdoor furniture, causing their color to gradually fade over time. This isn’t something that happens immediately, but rather months and years of exposure will result in fading. The otherwise bright blue color of your favorite patio chair may now have more of a light, turquoise tone. So, what can you do to protect your outdoor furniture from sun fading?

Keep it Covered

Arguably, the most effective way to product outdoor furniture from sun fading is to keep it covered. As long as there’s something covering the furniture, it will remain protected against the sun’s UV rays. This can be a retractable awning, a roof, or just a large tarp. Of course, you’ll want to check your furniture periodically throughout the day to ensure the cover is blocking out all of the sunlight. Because the sun changes position from hour to hour, certain times of the day may leave your furniture exposed to sunlight.

Buy the Right Furniture

Certain types of outdoor furniture are more susceptible to sun fading than others. Cheap particle-board furniture is probably the worst type of furniture you can buy, as the low-quality materials make it highly vulnerable to sun damage. Because it contains natural oils, however, cedar is an excellent choice that’s highly resilient to sun fading and other forms of damage. Its natural oils work to preserve its color while warding off mold and mildew.

UV Spray Protector

You might be surprised to learn that there’s actually a product designed specifically for protecting furniture and other items from UV sun damage. Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector Spray is one such protect that’s particularly effective for this purpose. It contains a water-based formula that reflects UV light. Just spray it on your outdoor furniture, and voila, it’s not protected. You can purchase Ray Bloc UV Fabric Protector Spray and similar UV protection products at most home improvement stores.

Replace Faded Cushions

But what if the sun has already faded your outdoor furniture. In cases such as this, you can usually replace the faded cushions. Using a measuring tape, get the length, width and depth of your current seat cushions and search online for a replacement of similar size. Replacing a seat cushion is much cheaper than replacing the entire piece of furniture, making this the preferred choice among homeowners.