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How to Feng Shui Your Patio Space

Feng Shui is all about building peace and balance in your space.

It is an old artistic practice from the Far East. The practice shows people how to balance the energy of a particular space in order to find health and good fortune.

In Mandarin, feng means wind and shui means water. Together, Feng Shui supposedly makes it possible to live in balance with the Earth.

Now, people enjoy arranging their furniture according to traditional customs in order to bring both beauty and harmony into their homes.

Are you interested in bringing the balance to your patio space? Here are the top 5 ways to Feng Shui your patio:

1. Clean Up Your Outdoor Space

To ensure the Feng Shui balance, you must clean out all of the clutter and negativity in your outside space.

Take out any old furniture you don’t use and any dead plants in your yard.

You must keep your patio space clean in order to bring the good energy to your home.

After you’ve removed the unwanted items from your yard, make sure to physically clean the area too. You want to cleanse your patio space of anything that can potentially disrupt the harmony.

2. Your Bagua is Your Feng Shui Guide

Create your own unique Bagua. A Bagua is your Feng Shui chart that will help you decide where to put all of your furniture.

Next, use your Bagua to incorporate aspects of your life into your design. Your design should reflect what you value such as your family, health, and your good fortune.

For example, you can place your big furniture in your “family” area to represent the comfort and love you get from your strong family relationship.

3. Think About the Colors You Use

Before you plant your flowers or paint anything, think about what colors you want to use in your patio space.

You can use red and white flowers to signify romance. If you intend on painting a fence, you should make it red, black, or green, which are considered to be lucky colors.

Consider how the colors of your space will impact your Feng Shui design.

4. Add Water to Your Patio Space

Consider adding some sort of water feature. This could be a pond, a waterfall, or anything else you would like to add.

The water is meant to create a relaxing environment in your outdoor space. The water feature also promotes the flow of good energy throughout your space.

5. Make Sure You Have a Free Flowing Layout

When you Feng Shui your patio, make sure your layout separates the space into parts so that it will be easy for your guests to get around.

You can create one area for eating and another area for lounging, but be sure to include a clear pathway between each space. Don’t let any of your furniture or plants obstructing your guest’s walkway.

Are you ready to let go of all the negativity and bring in the good vibes of Feng Shui? Contact us to learn more about how to upgrade your patio space to create that perfect harmony.