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These Easy Patio Decor Upgrades are an Instant Refresh

It is easy to find good patio decor. It’s everywhere from your favorite furniture store to the local craft shop to nature.

Almost everything works well as patio decor. It is some of the most versatile decor in the world.

Often, people are so taken by patio furnishings, they decide it would look just as great in their living room.

The only thing easier than setting up original patio decor is upgrading it for an instant refresh. This handful of tips should be enough to get you started:

Seeing Patio Decor in a Whole New Light

There is no easier, less expensive, and more impactful upgrade than new lighting for your patio. There are a plethora of patio lighting ideas you can implement with very little effort.

A chandelier can give your patio instant old-world charm. While tiki torches will add a fun and exotic flair.

Other instant upgrades include going from incandescent to fluorescent, or from warmer to cooler tones.

While natural light is great in small doses, direct sunlight can quickly become overwhelming. It can keep you from using your patio during certain times of the day.

You may have to control that direct light with an awning or sun shade. Either way, you will need to provide some other light source to counter the deep shadows and dark spots resulting from your battle with direct sunlight.

New light means a new patio. Nothing gives you a better bang for your buck.

Coloring Outside the Lines

Color is another one of those magical upgrades that cost very little in the grand scheme of things, and is relatively simple to change.

Color is an essential part of what we enjoy about the outdoors. The green grass, the blue sky, the red, yellow, and brown leaves in the fall: they all are a part of nature’s color palate.

The patio need not compete with those colors. Nature stands as its own canvas.

However, the patio should compliment the colors of the house, the siding, the trim. If your patio is an extension of the living room, your main furnishing should also be taken into account.

Your patio’s color palette could also be neutral. You can always add color with pillows, cushions, and accessories. Strategic splashes of color give the illusion that more color is being used. It is much easier to change out those splashes of color than it is to repaint every year or so.

Use Unique Furnishings

It is easy to get bored with a patio furnished with resin chairs and side tables. Try spicing things up with unique and creative furnishing ideas.

A metal basket with a large pillow on top becomes an ottoman. A ladder with small potted plants becomes a vertical herb garden. A few pieces like that can transform a patio from old and tired, to new and exciting.

This year, don’t buy new furniture or repaint the walls. Upgrade your lighting, your color palette, and furnishings with creative accessories. You will be surprised at how much freshness you can add for so little money and effort.