Creating the Perfect Color Palette for Your Patio



Color speaks volume about a patio’s décor, atmosphere and mood. Sure, it’s probably easier to randomly toss a variety of colors together without any real sense of cohesion or direction, but this will ultimately come back to haunt you in the long run. If you’re looking to achieve an attractive patio that’s warm and inviting, you’ll need to plan a matching color palette.


Furniture Color


Unless you want to buy an entirely new set of patio furniture, it’s recommended that you create a color palette based on your existing furniture. If you already have white chairs, loungers, and a table, for instance, it’s probably best to stick with white as the primary color for your patio. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your patio must be white, but rather add colors that flow with and/or compliment white, such as red or black.


Consider Your Home


Take a step away from your patio to view the entire atmosphere, including your actual home. What color is your home’s siding? What about the flowerbeds? Creating a uniform patio involves bringing all of these elements together. If your home’s siding is brown, for instance, it’s best to avoid black furniture on your patio (brown and black don’t mix). Or if nearby flowerbeds contain lots of bright colors like pink and yellow, maybe you can add these as supporting colors for your patio.


Contrasting Colors


Regardless of which colors you decide to use on your patio, you should contrast them with one another through furnishings, furniture and other decorative accessories. This allows for a bolder, more lively atmosphere that’s sure to leave a positive impression on guests.


If you need help choosing contrasting colors for your patio, refer to the color wheel. Featuring a multitude of colors wrapped around a wheel, it reveals the relationships between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.


Use Accessories to Compliment Your Color Scheme


The right accessories can make a world of difference in the aesthetics of a patio. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook them, assuming they offer little-to-no benefit. You can enhance your patio’s décor by using subtle colors that compliment the primary and secondary colors. Consider using accessories like firepits, potted plants, cast-iron decorations, and even driftwood to improve your patio’s aesthetics. As long the colors flow together, it will have a positive impact on the décor.