The Surprising Benefits of Western Red Cedar Wood



Western cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is prized for both its aesthetics and functional benefits. It’s commonly used in the production of outdoor furniture such as tables and chairs, as well as indoor furnishings. Many people view western cedar as being a “premium” variety of hardwood, and for good reason. It offers some truly amazing characteristics that aren’t found in other hardwoods.


Dimensional Stability


A lesser-known benefit of western cedar wood is its high level of dimensional stability. What exactly does this mean? The term “dimensional stability” is used to describe the wood’s fluctuations in size and shape. All varieties of wood will change in size and shape due to the changes in the surrounding environment. When wood is exposed to humid environments, for instance, it absorbs moisture into its pores, causing it to subsequently expand. On the other hand, when wood is left in a dry environment with little-to-no humidity, it will contract and become smaller. Western cedar wood experiences very little fluctuations, regardless of the surrounding temperature and humidity.




Of course, western cedar wood is also incredibly lightweight, weighing less than many other “premium” varieties of wood. It has a low density, which gives it this unique characteristic. This makes western cedar wood an excellent choice of material for furniture and furnishings.


Resistant to Rot and Decay


Western cedar wood has been used for centuries to produce outdoor furniture. Unlike many other varieties of wood, western cedar is highly resistant to rot and decay, allowing for the production of functional outdoor furniture. Up until recently, it was unknown why and how western cedar was able to resist rot. But scientists have since identified the secret to its success as being a special naturally occurring oil within the oil. This oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that ward off decay.


Stylish Color and Appearance


There’s no denying the fact that western cedar is one of the most attractive types of hardwood on the planet. It features a tan color that’s not too dark but too light, along with subtle, defined streaks.






The benefits of western cedar wood don’t end there. This prized variety of wood has a pleasant, relaxing aroma that’s not found in other hardwoods. In fact, it has become such a popular scent that many candles, diffusers and even incense feature it. Don’t take my word for it, though. Take a whiff of an authentic western cedar chair or furniture to see for yourself.