how to paint Adirondack chairs

How to Freshen Adirondack Chairs With a New Coat of Paint

After the bombardment of winter, you might be wondering how to paint Adirondack chairs.

They’ve been exposed to the elements for the last few months. And the original paint will weather and peel over time.

Or maybe you just want to bring a new color palette into your garden space. But you don’t necessarily need to replace the chairs with new ones.

Patented in 1905, the Adirondack chair has become a popular addition to many gardens.

Read on to discover how to paint Adirondack chairs to give them a new lease of life!

Prepare your chairs

Bring them indoors for a few days to make sure they’re completely dry.

Into a shed or garage would be best, but you can leave them under a porch too. Spread out a drop cloth or a tarp somewhere dry. Use a hand-held electric sander to sand the chairs smooth.

You can also use medium-grit or fine-grit sanding blocks to get rid of any loose paint. You want a smooth surface for the new paint.

It’s advisable to use a flexible sanding block to get into those narrow spaces between the slats.

Use screwdrivers to tighten all of the screws. Electric sanders can sometimes jiggle screws loose.

Get ready to prime

Use a sealing primer to cover water stains or knots in the wood.

You only need one coat and it’ll protect against future water damage.

Tip the chair upside down. Prime any part that will be on damp ground first.

Paint the flat surfaces with a brush that’s 2″ wide (or larger). A 1″ brush will help you get between the slats.

It’s really important you make sure the space between the slats is properly covered with primer.

That’s where you’ll normally see a build up of water. Use a rag to wipe up any drips from between the slats.

Let the primer dry completely. Flip the chair the right way up and repeat the priming process.

How to paint Adirondack chairs

Tip the chair upside down again.

Go over the primer coat with your first coat of exterior-grade paint. Use a high-quality exterior paint for better coverage and more pigmentation.

As with the primer, use a 2″ brush for flat surfaces. And a 1″ brush between the slats.

Use a rag to wipe up any paint drips from between the slats.

Let the bottom dry completely. Flip it up and repeat the process on the top.

Do this again, painting the bottom, letting it dry, and then painting the top. You’ll want two full coats of paint over the primer.

As an alternative, you can mix up an all-in-one latex primer and paint. That way you can prime and paint at the same time.

You could also swap out the paint and brushes for universal gloss spray paint. That way, you can also use stencils and add designs to your chairs.

You can also add a coat of polyurethane sealer as a finishing touch. That’s particularly recommended for extreme or wet climates.

Enjoy your new Adirondack chairs

Once the paint has completely dried, you can move the chair back outside.

With such easy maintenance, it’s hardly surprising that the Adirondack chair has become such a classic.

And now you know how to paint Adirondack chairs, you can give all of your garden furniture a brand new look!