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5 Easy Tweaks That Will Spruce Up Your Patio Decor

Spring will be here before you know it – and that means more time on your patio enjoying snacks and sun with friends.

But if winter hit yours a little hard this year, check out these 5 quick and affordable patio decor updates.

Patio Decor Tip 1: Add An Adirondack Chair

Sadly, Americans spend up to 93% of their lives indoors. A great patio update can change that.

Adirondack chairs are a classic addition to any patio – and they can be customized according to your preference on color, size, and type! If you’re a lounger, grab an Adirondack rocking chair. If you prefer to share your time outdoors with the one you love, pick up an Adirondack loveseat.

Patio Decor Tip 2: Get A Family-Style Table

Americans have spent more money on dining out in a year than on buying groceries to prepare meals at home.

This summer, work to build the camaraderie and ease of dining that makes people love going to restaurants by adding a long, picnic-style table to your porch to encourage larger gatherings.

Not only does it fit right in with the “barn chic” look that’s so in right now, it will give you the opportunity to create fun tablescapes that all your guests can enjoy.

For an even easier time reaching for food, add a Lazy Susan to the table!

Patio Decor Tip 3: Add A Hammock

All that eating means your guests – and yourself – will likely be in need of a nap!

Plus, adding a hammock encourages guests that may be tired from swimming or other activities to lay down for a minute.

Of course, it’s a great item for a romantic evening on your porch, too – stargaze with your partner and see who can find the North Star first!

Patio Decor Tip 4: Spruce Things Up With Potted Plants

If you have a bigger porch with a lot of empty space that you don’t have the ideas or the budget to fully furnish, adding some big, leafy pots will help for sure!

Perennial plants aren’t just a great way to add some color to your patio – they’re also super easy to care for, requiring minimal watering and planting just one time a year.

As a fun family activity, have your kids paint one of the pots or host a contest at your next outdoor party.

Patio Decor Tip 5: Add Some Pillows To Your Seating!

If you’re a fan of the natural wood look, you don’t have to paint your Adirondack chairs to give them a little color.

Instead, check out some accent pillows at your local home decor discount store. Or even better, head to the fabric store and pick out some swatches that mesh with your style, and sew your own!

Just make sure you check the weather forecast if you’ve got an open air patio, and be sure to bring them inside during a rainstorm to prevent any rotting.

You’re On Deck!

Thanks to these five awesome decor tips, your patio will be the envy of the neighborhood.

For more fabulous home tips for those on (and off!) a budget, check out our blog.